Research Topics

Our research broadly covers microwave devices and antennas, and their applications in energy harvesting and wireless sensing.

Rectennas for SWIPT

Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer enabled by novel diversity antennas

RFID Sensing for Ice Detection

Remotely tracking and detecting environmental conditions such as the accumilation of ice in smart cities

Antennas for Wearables and IoT Nodes

Improving the connectivity of flexible and textile-based wearable electronics

mirograph of a printed capacitor

High-Performance Printed and Low-Cost mm-Wave Components

Printing novel transmission lines on unconventional substrates for IoT applications

Multi-Source RF-Enabled Energy Harvesting

Integrating antennas and rectennas within energy harvesters such as photovoltaics and vibrational generators

Biodegradable RF electronics

Enabling a new generation of sustainable electronics suitable for RF and wireless applications